A problem shared is a problem halved

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Most staff scheduling apps use complex planning systems without understanding what staff want. Consider the difference between what your last roster looked like when it was originally written and who actually ended up working.

Shiftiez turns the planning process on its head, starting with the employer and employee view of what a great shift looks like. We then automate the roster build with a tailored model that suits your business, creating an incredibly flexible workforce schedule that's continually 'tuned' by staff preferences.

Our aim is to automate a roster everyone can agree on from the start, building staff engagement and making rosters more "sticky". This is because staff who have a say in their work life balance are more motivated, take fewer sick days and have lower staff turnover.

Cutting down sick leave is key. Consider the following:

  • Demotivated staff and those with work clashes take more sick leave forcing you to backfill with agency hires or disrupt other staff to cover unplanned leave
  •  Your business spends countless hours on the phones finding staff to manage all the last minute changes.

Once configured, operators only need to confirm the roster pattern for the new planning horizon and hit Auto Assign. Shiftiez takes care of the rest, building complex rosters in seconds.

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