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The Gap Between HR and Operations

Human Resources at large organisations strain under the lack of accurate information when it comes to short-term planning and the results can be catastrophic for the business and its employees. Ryan Air's COO stood down amidst ongoing controversy with the airline's struggle to manage rosters, leading to the cancellation of flights for over 700,000 travellers. In December last year, a 150 driver shortage at Queensland Rail saw people stranded all over the rail network on Christmas day, ultimately costing the minister in charge his portfolio. Why does this happen, and what's the solution?

Improving staff wellbeing increases your bottom line

Savvy companies know that taking care of their staff improves their bottom line in so many ways. Let's look at some of the ways you can boost your business case for building wellbeing programmes in your company.


Build Trust Not Procedures

I’ve had a few jobs in my lifetime. Being a Gen X I’ve (perhaps typically) never sought the 30-year service award. Despite my generation’s penchant for job hopping, there have been a couple of roles where trust has played an important factor in my wanting to stay or not. Delving deeper into the topic of trust in business, it’s become apparent to me that teams that trust each other have a significant tactical advantage over their competitors.

Does kicking people build enthusiasm?

In any business, creating and maintaining a competitive edge is the surefire way to success. Some things like product uniqueness or economy of scale, are tough to compete against. But almost any advantage can be overcome through building a positive culture.

The gotcha is that there is no one way to build that culture, you need to think of motivation as a series of levers than can be dialed up and down at will. The better understanding you have of what is working will help you balance your team needs and motivate them to greatness.


Let's not have a meeting about that

Years ago, I was in a meeting that was made up of all the administrative people in the business. HR, Finance, IT, Reception etc. Between us, we kept things ticking over for the teams that provided professional services. It was a sizable group, around 15 people, and the first topic was updating the staff administrative handbook. We started with, what the color of the front cover should be . . . .

The nurse problem (and what that has to do with scheduling employees)

Now I don’t want to get myself into trouble with anyone (especially because my wife is a nurse) but it has to be said, there’s a nurse problem.In fact there’s a problem with lots of jobs that work rotating shifts, not just nurses. Facilities management, logistics  emergency and healthcare services all need to manage 24 hour rosters.

Changes to trading hours have also made this an issue in the retail and hospitality space where there is an expectation provide service for longer hours. Lots of businesses simply can’t cover the hours with one person and managing this is a pain and a distraction from the actual business.

As anyone who regularly builds schedules will tell you, there is a science and an art to creating a good roster. We'll discuss why you need both and how Shiftiez can help set you up for hassle free rostering that saves time and works for staff too.