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Co-Planning Shifts

Co-planning allows staff to preference individual shifts, sharing the effort in building the schedule. Studies prove giving staff a say in their work-life balance leads to happier staff, higher throughput and lower turnover.

Humanise Rosters

Shiftiez automated scheduler understands your EBA's, fatigue management and workplace preferences. Combine this with co-planning data and our fairness test to create the optimum roster in one click.

Central Calendar

Spreadsheets are impossible & noticeboards don't work. Shiftiez is a central calendar with real-time updates. Staff can see when they are scheduled and set personal preferences for months into the future.

Win Back Valuable Time

Remove repeat tasks, improve staff satisfaction, cut down miscommunication and free up huge amounts of time to run the business. No more ringing around or sending SMS's to see who's available.

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