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Co-Planning Shifts

Co-planning shares the effort in building good schedules, and studies prove giving staff a say in their work-life balance leads to happier staff, higher throughput and lower turnover.

Humanise Rosters

Shiftiez scheduler understands your EBA's, fatigue management and workplace preferences and combines this with co-planning and a fairness test to create the optimum roster.

Central Calendar For Everyone To See

Spreadsheets are tough to wrangle & noticeboards don't work when your team is out of the office. Shiftiez manages a central calendar with real-time updates.

Get Back Time

Remove repeat tasks, improve staff satisfaction, cut down miscommunication and free up time to run the business. No more ringing around or sending SMS's to see who's available.

Build your Roster in seconds

Build a roster.gif
  1. Admins copy a pattern produced in a previous week and add extra shifts by clicking in the corresponding space. Requirements like fatigue planning and EBA's are always taken into account for you.
  2. Staff nominate times they are free to pick up extra shifts or list shifts they prefer not be allocated.  Preference based planning is an amazingly powerful way to build a balanced & fair roster that everyone is happy with.
  3. Administrators press the "Auto Assign" button and Shiftiez designs the optimum solution. We handle all your legal rostering requirements, incorporate staff preferences and finish with a fairness test to ensure allocation is even for everyone. Don't believe it's that simple? Click here to watch the demo in real time!

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